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Classical Art Academy run Drawing and Oil Painting Classes Courses Workshops and Painting Holidays from their studio in Bournemouth, Dorset.  Art courses, classes and workshops in Drawing and Oil Painting for all ability levels and ages.


Atelier Painting

Atelier Painting

Requirements: Completion of the drawing module and colour theory module are essential.  

These modules use the chiaroscuro skills from the drawing module to introduce you to a variety of oil painting techniques. Students will then build upon this knowledge with classical imprimatura and alla prima renaissance painting techniques. Each module has the minimum of three painting studies and the option for a personal study in line with the modules objectives. These studies consist of classical casts and still life. We strongly recommend this pathway for anyone wishing to master realism, especially in portraiture and still life - from life. 

Classical Art Academy Atelier Painting Still Life

Each student will be given a number of tonal painting projects to complete to a high representational standard. These are initially low chroma studies allowing them to focus on correct proportion, line and mass of a given subject. A limited palette is then introduced enabling students to put colour theory into practice when colour mixing. Students will build upon their tonal understanding through a gradual progression from this simple palette to a more complex one in later modules. Using limited colours students will reproduce the subtle differences in hue found in shadows, highlights, reflections as they work their way through each study. 

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I truly love attending these classes. The tuition is excellent and both Martin and Anastasia have shown such patience and expertise. I have benefitted hugely from learning these valuable techniques. Being a painting has been a dream of mine for many years and now I’m painting weekly.
— Thelma Etim